Tuna Direct Purchaser Case
In re: Packaged Seafood Products Antitrust Litigation
Case No. 3:15-md-02670

Key Dates

Date/Deadline Event

Submit a Claim Form
by April 28, 2022

Settlement Class Members who make a claim will be entitled to receive cash, with the actual amount received depending on the number of claims and the volume of commerce represented in those claims. Using the online portal here, Settlement Class Members will be able to check their claim volume, and in the event that their own data suggests that a different claimed volume of commerce is appropriate, they can provide that information, and it will be considered by the Claims Administrator, subject to audit.

Exclude Yourself or Opt Out of the Settlement Class
by April 28, 2022

Excluding yourself or opting out of the Settlement Class means you remove yourself from the Settlement and its benefits and releases. If you have a pending lawsuit against any of the Settling Defendants involving the same legal issues in this case, speak to your lawyer in that case immediately.

Object to the Settlement
by April 28, 2022

If you stay in Settlement Class, you can object to the proposed Settlement if you don’t like part or all of it. The Court will consider your views.

Notice of Intention to Appear
by April 28, 2022

If you did not request exclusion from the Settlement Class, you may ask permission for you or your own attorney to speak at the Fairness Hearing, at your own expense. To do so, you must send a letter saying that is your “Notice of Intention to Appear.”

Final Approval and Fairness Hearing
October 7, 2022

The Court will hold the Final Approval and Fairness Hearing on October 7, 2022 at 1:30 p.m PT.

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